Writing activities number the stars

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Number the Stars Fun Activities

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Posts about Number the Stars written by writereadtalk. The Stranger by Chris Van Allsburg is a great book to read to students when working on foreshadowing.

As I read the book aloud, I have my students make a double entry journal in their notebooks. Kindergarten Writing Worksheets Kindergarten is a pivotal year for young writers.

Kindergarteners learn the alphabet and use it to form their first short words. Students can create a poster or chart that show the elements of fiction found in Number the Stars. Have them present their poster in a creative way.

After each day's reading, encourage students to write one or more new things they learned from the text. Provide students with quotes from the novel and ask them to write their own responses. Number the Stars Literature Unit This literature unit includes vocabulary words, definitions and activities, an anticipation guide, a literary element study, journal and discussion topics, a writing activity for each domain, comprehension activities, a research project, answer key, and MUCH MORE!

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Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

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Writing activities number the stars
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"Number the Stars" by Lois Lowry, Chapters 1–4 - Vocabulary List : video-accident.com