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Write around the Murray festival

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Write Around The Murray, September 5-9, officially opens at Lavington Library

Write Around The Murray Festival. 04 - 08 Sep WAM is a celebration of writing, illustrating and storytelling. Being accessible to all, it is an opportunity for writers, readers, artists and storytellers of all genres to share stories and develop knowledge and skills.

Write Around the Murray (WAM) is an annual celebration of reading, writing, illustration and storytelling. It is an opportunity for readers, writers, artists and storytellers of all genres to share stories and develop knowledge and skills.

Organize your body paragraphs around the three main points in your thesis statement. The conclusion should restate your main points and add a fresh perspective. You should include a quote from Murray's essay, or another of the essays on writing within the textbook.

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September 13, Brooke Maggs, Contemporary Histories Research Group (CHRG), Postgraduate Students Brooke Maggs, Postgraduate students, Write Around the Murray Festival CELESTE THORN Brooke Maggs will appear at the Write Around The Murray Festival on 16 September. Growing up with drug-addict parents, Liz Murray ’s education soon suffered.

But after a stint living on the streets as a teen, she turned her life around, resumed her studies – and secured a.

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