Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on reckless driving in the city

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Sample letter to the Editor of a newspaper complaining about the reckless driving on the roads

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Sample letter to the Editor of a newspaper complaining about the reckless driving on the roads

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Sample letter to the Editor of a newspaper complaining about the reckless driving on the roads. To. The Editor, The Indian Express, Patna Sir, With due respect, I wish to draw kind attention of the concerned authority and general public through your esteemed daily, towards increasing incidents of.

This letter is to bring to special notice the growing frequency of reckless driving in the city. Someone or the other is a victim to road rage or reckless driving every single day in this metropolis. The major cause for this is increased consumption of alcohol/5(7).

Secondary School English 5 points Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on reckless driving Advertisement Ask for details Follow Report by Tapshi Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I wish to draw theattention of Traffic Police of Chennai towards reckless driving.

It is high time that proper steps are taken to put a stop to thereckless driving of motor cars and other vehicles in the streets of our thickly populated city/5(9). Nov 27,  · Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on reckless driving. In your letter you have to explain why reckless driving poses great danger to lives and property.

You should write at 4/5(3). Reckless driving is Aisa a big problem that is the main cause of ascending rate of accident. Drivers of the vehicles drive very carelessly and they have disturbed the peace of the whole city. Their rash driving is too dangerous for the pedestrians as well as to the small vehicles.

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on reckless driving in the city
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