Trends in maritime transport and port development in the context of world trade

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The New Silk Road – The Vision of an interconnected Eurasia

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Glossary of Supply Chain Terms

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As part of its Transportation Strategic Plan, the Government of Canada announced a number of initiatives to support a safe, secure, green, innovative and integrated transportation system that enables trade and economic growth, a cleaner environment and the well being of Canada’s middle class such as.

As one of the key foundations for manufacturing, trade and growth, logistics is a strategic component of every economy. The sector can also contribute significantly to job creation. [Back to Top] D. Air Transport Air transport plays a vital role in the development of Guyana.

The New Silk Road – The Vision of an interconnected Eurasia

Within the country, it provides a link between the coastal areas and communities in the hinterland, many of which are inaccessible by any other means of transportation.

2 FOREWORD This paper was prepared by James J. Corbett and James Winebrake, Energy and Environmental Research Associates, the United States, as a contribution to the OECD/ITF Global Forum on Transport and Environment in a Globalising World that will be held November in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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Trends in maritime transport and port development in the context of world trade
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