The time of the typewriters has come to past

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The Evolution of Classroom Technology

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Passed or Past?

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The Golden Age of Typewriters

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Over time, typing education has evolved in tandem with both the progression of computer technology and the decreasing age at which students are exposed to that technology.

The typewriter has come a long way over the years, all leading into the age of computers and the most widely used input device: the computer keyboard. Though the first computers and computer keyboards were created before the Selectric, these power-house typewriters were so great at putting text on the page that they continued to be used alongside keyboards, as computers gained in popularity.

The Typewriter. Living when people can "process words," instantly copy them, and even send them almost anywhere in the world over the telephone lines, we may find it hard to believe that the forerunner of the word processor, the typewriter, was invented little more than a hundred years ago.

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The Early History of the Typewriter

A renewed interest in typewriters has boosted business a little in the last three to four years, he said. People are collecting them and having them restored, he said. Smith doesn't have plans to.

The time of the typewriters has come to past
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Typewriter History by Tony Casillo