The rise of state pension age

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Why the state pension age is bound to rise

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State pension age to rise to 70 by 2050

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GOT your sights set on retiring on a sunny beach? You may need to wait longer than you had hoped. The national state pension age is set to rise to 68 by – so here is your definitive guide.

The government has confirmed it will raise the state pension age to 68 fromseven years ahead of originally planned. Millions of people born in the s will have to wait longer for their state pension as the government has raised the age limit when payments start. Anyone born between April 6, and April 5, will have to wait an extra year for their state pension as the starting point has moved to their.

State Pension age set to rise early for millions A large chunk of the population is set to work for longer than expected as the government has announced that the State Pension age will go.

Nov 19,  · STATE PENSION is something that many people claim each week, but what is the age that retirees become eligible? Is it set to rise in the UK anytime soon? Global economists have issued a warning – and it may not be good news for some people.

The State Pension Age (SPA) is the earliest age an individual can elect to claim their State Pension.

State Pension (United Kingdom)

Under current plans the SPA is due to rise to age 68 by However, an independent report prepared by John Cridland (former Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry) suggests that the SPA should rise to age 68 by instead.

The rise of state pension age
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State pension age to rise to 68 - seven years earlier than planned - Birmingham Live