The relevant of sociology to nigeria

Sociological Leadership in Education: Abuja, Nigeria

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Learn the Importance of Sociology and Know How it Affects You

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The Importance of Sociology to Society (1219 Words)

6 6 Relevance of Auguste Comte and Max Weber Contributions to Contemporary Nigeria Development FADEYI, A.

O.1 and *ODUWOLE T. A.2 1Department of Sociology, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria 2Department of Sociology, Houdegbe North American University, Route de Porto – Novo, Cotonou, Republique du Benin *Corresponding author: The relevance of sociology in is to make people aware of their surroundings, that people just don't take there surrounds for relevance of anthropology is that this is the study of human kind so that it may study of what the differences among people and this is the way on how people can know the questions that they only keep in there minds.

Relevant Of Sociology To Our Contemporarily In Nigeria. Is Our Constitution Relevant Today? Is our constitution relevant today? It has been said, "This year we are going to make a fundamental transformation of our whole organization". It might be a challenging question but how can we turn ourselves into an even more successful organization?

What is the importance of studying sociology? Sociology is of great practical help in the sense; it keeps us up-to date on modern social situations and developments. Sociology makes us to become more alert towards the changes and developments that take place around us.

As a result, we come to know about our changed roles and expectations. The relevance of sociology in is to make people aware of their surroundings, that people just don't take there surrounds for relevance of anthropology is that this is the study of.

Sociology is defined as the scientific study of society and human behavior. It is a part of social sciences. The study of sociology aims at analyzing the patterns of human behavior, deriving their causes and speculating the future of the behavioral patterns in society.

The relevant of sociology to nigeria
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What is the relevance of sociology and anthropology to Nigeria