The philippine folklore

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Philippine mythology

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A Compendium of Creatures & Mythical Beings from Philippine Folklore & Mythology

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Philippine mythical creatures

Nuno sa Punso — Ones are male goblins, said to carefully in either an opportunity or a student mound. A compendium of over Creatures & Mythical Beings from Philippine Folklore & Mythology.

The comprehensive list includes regions and descriptions! Learn. About: Philippine folklore, like many types of regional folklore, began in the oral tradition, passed throughout generations, with stories that reflect the people who tell them. The elements in the Philippine folk tales and fairy tales include the Filipino value systems, spiritual beliefs, and history.

A compendium of over Creatures & Mythical Beings from Philippine Folklore & Mythology. The comprehensive list includes regions and descriptions!

Ancient Tagalog Deities in Philippine Mythology

Learn. Philippine mythical creatures.

10 Lesser-Known Mythical Creatures in Philippine Folklore

Jump to navigation Jump to search This article needs additional citations for This Philippine folklore giant lives in forest and woods. It is a happy and a playful cyclops, and is also commonly known. The Aswang – Vampires of the Philippines The Aswang are, by far, the most prolific monsters in Filipino folklore.

In fact, the term “aswang” itself refers to various types of creatures that belong to this group. A compendium of over Creatures & Mythical Beings from Philippine Folklore & Mythology.

The comprehensive list includes regions and descriptions! Learn more about Folkloric Beings and Spirits from the Philippines.

The philippine folklore
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