The path to recovery

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Path To Recovery

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The mission of Refuge Recovery is to support those on this path of recovery by building an extensive and comprehensive network of Refuge Recovery groups, meetings and communities that practice, educate and provide Buddhist-inspired guidance and meditations for anyone seeking recovery from addiction.

Thank you for your kind comments about the first part of this short story, The Path to Recovery, that we published last week.

In that chapter we got to know Kathy, an American lady living in Provence, who recently lost her husband of 40 years. At Healing Path Recovery, we employ the dual diagnosis approach, which we combine with psychiatric care to ensure optimal treatment for the mind, body and soul.

Learn more about the programs that we offer here/5(10). Recovery is a lifelong process that can take years to achieve. Learn how to overcome drug or alcohol abuse and begin your path to recovery today. Discover Your Clean Path to Recovery Clean Path Recovery is Southern California’s Premier Treatment Facility.

Addiction Recovery

Located in Orange County, we guide each client from addiction back into mainstream society through a simple, yet effective formula for success. Recovery, he learns, is not a solo event; we all need help from time to time.

Driven by the desire to help those who might find themselves on the same, sometimes dark, path, he shares his story and the life lessons he learned about preparation, resilience, and the medical-insurance video-accident.coms: 8.

The path to recovery
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