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Book Review: The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham

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What I mean is that I am wearing Walter. I never controlled to pretend that I was anything else. the painted veil is the veil of illusion beautifully written novel, a story of love, infidelity, and the ability to change and forgive love is so strange, causing serious suffering sometimes/5.

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Somerset Maugham/5(). The Painted Veil () The word "Garbo" is the first thing that appears on the screen during The Painted Veil (), and it remains as a background motif throughout the other credits.

The idea for this came from Greta Garbo's agent, Harry Eddington, who wanted to place his famous client in the company of Eleonora Duse and Sarah Bernhardt -- actresses for whom only a surname was necessary. The Painted Veil is a drama based on the novel of the same name by W.

Somerset Maugham and stars Edward Norton and Naomi Watts. Kitty Garstin is a shallow Socialite who decides to marry boring bacteriologist Walter Fane when she finds that she's out of suitors and.

Unsatisfied by her marriage, she starts an affair with Charles Townsend, a man whom she finds charming, attractive and exciting. But when Walter discovers her deception, he exacts a strange but terrible vengeance: Kitty must accompany him to his new posting in remote mainland China, where a cholera epidemic rages.

The Painted Veil - Shunned by a husband who's more interested in his scientific research than his marriage, Kitty Fane embarks on a quest for fulfillment, igniting a passionate affair with dashing womanizer Charles Townsend.

Netflix. Watch The Painted Veil Trailer. The Painted Veil Cast & Crew. Catherine An. as. Bin Li. as. Bin Wu. as.

The painted veil charles townsend
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