The impact of the boston photographs in implementing safe fire escapes

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A mother and her daughter falling from a fire escape, 1975

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The positive vertical distance of this C-channel transform plate makes this perimeter wall area drastically prone to compromise and collapse. On July 22, a fire raged in one of the apartment buildings on Marlborough Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

Nineteen-year old Diana Bryant and her two-year-old goddaughter, Tiare Jones were trapped and awaiting rescue on a fire escape. The Impact of the Boston Photographs in Implementing Safe Fire Escapes ( words, 4 pages) burning building there stood three figures a woman, her two year old goddaughter, and a fire fighter.

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They were cowering as far away as they could from the intense heat of the burning building, waiting as a ladder was raised fifty feet up to the top of. It also prompted the city of Boston, as well as many other cities across the United States, to revise laws on fire escape safety.

Today, the photo is still used by fire safety groups to promote their efforts.

After 35 years, news photo still resonates

This website provides responsible criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report by senior military, intelligence and government officials. It provides experienced professional opinions about the terrorist attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon. International Fire Code Testing and Certification: All Exit discharge, exterior stairways and fire escapes shall be kept free of snow and ice.

Any fire escape or exterior stairway found to be in a state of deterioration or determined to be unsafe by the fire official shall be repaired immediately.

Photographs should accurately reveal the extent of all injuries.

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Ideally, at least two photographs are necessary. The first photograph should show the injury and the patient’s face for purposes of identification, while the second photograph should be closer and show more details of the injury.

The impact of the boston photographs in implementing safe fire escapes
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