The analysis of the drovers wife

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The Drover’s Wife by Henry Lawson

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Distinctively Visual As part of this study you will be asked to explore the ways the images we see and/or visualise in texts are created.

A contemporary reading of The Drover's Wife suggests that the author, Henry Lawson, is engaging in a little misdirection. That is to say that the title of the story deemphasizes the principal character's autonomy by referring to her as the wife of a hapless drover instead of the fearless, rugged.

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First work of my analysis is “The Drover’s Wife”, a short story written by Henry Lawson in published in The Bulletin. Then the story by Murray Bail follows. His “The Drover’s Wife” was published in Third story with the very same name was written by Barbara Jefferis in THE BETTER PATH Reproduced from The Wanganui Chronicle, April 20, LOYALTY, LOOT, AND COMPENSATION.

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The analysis of the drovers wife
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