The achievements of the black population of the united states

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Black History Facts

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A Rising Share of the U.S. Black Population Is Foreign Born

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Racial achievement gap in the United States

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African immigrants have the highest academic achievement in the US

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List of U.S. states by African-American population

All across the U. African Americans were also concentrated in the largest cities, with more than 2 million living in New York City and more than 1 million in Chicago. Detroit, Philadelphia, and Houston each had a black population betweenand 1 million.

Black Population: million, % of USA.

10 States With The Largest African-American Populations

In US Census Bureau estimated 47, African Americans in the United States meaning that % of the total American population of Million is Black. This includes those who identify as ‘Black Only’.

This information suggests that America has an equally large achievement gap between whites and African/Asian immigrants as it does between white and black Americans.

Of the African-born population in the United States age 25 and older, % reported having a high school degree or higher, compared with 9% of Asian born immigrants and %.

Feb 12,  · Watch video · Population Growth: The black population of the United States in was million; inthe number of black residents of the United States, including those of more than one race, was Slavery in the United States.

Black slaves played a major, During the period of slavery, free blacks made up about one-tenth of the entire African American population. In there were almostfree African Americans—half in the South and half in the North.

The free black population originated with former indentured servants and. The Native American population of the United States reached a low point in the early 20th century but has since been gradually increasing. 14% Asian, and 13% Black. As of14% of the United States' population is foreign born, compared to just 5% in Nearly using data compiled by the United Nations, the United States is only.

The achievements of the black population of the united states
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Statistical Portrait of the U.S. Black Immigrant Population