Smokers and the tax

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No Tax Break for New York Cigar Smokers

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PADUCAH — Kentuckians who smoke will soon have to pay more thanks to an increase in the state cigarette tax. Some hope the tax hike. · According to, Smokers account for $96 BILLION of our nation's healthcare annually ANOTHER $97 BILLION lost in productivity Every US citizen pays $ annually for the health expenses of smokers in the form of increased healthcare and insurance Smokers who can’t afford their higher premiums might choose to go without coverage and pay the tax penalty instead.

Tax penalties From through anyone who chooses not to pay for the cost of health insurance premiums, a penalty will be levied in one of. · Part of that tax package was a tax hike of one dollar per pack of cigarettes.

"Yesterday actually was a long day,” said Rex Rogers, manager of the Conoco at NE 63rd and /oklahoma-smokers-react-to-new-cigarette-tax-hike.

Tobacco Tax

· A study looking at the impact of different tobacco policies2 on smokers in showed that increasing tobacco prices by 33% through higher taxes cost 15 times less than other measures to obtain the same health benefit [3]

Smokers and the tax
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