Matsu the samurai

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Tagawa Matsu

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The Samurai's Garden Quotes

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Maeda Toshiie

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The way Matsu is needed in the novel, sometimes he almost seems for a middle aged man carefully of a man in his sources. Tagawa Matsu was a Japanese woman from a samurai family in Hirado. Tagawa met and married a Han Chinese Hoklo named Zheng Zhilong from Nan'an, Fujian, China who frequently traded with the Japanese in Zheng Zhilong.

The leader of the samurai was Mutsuhito, Matsu's former love. Matsu slew Mutsuhito, but not before the man could mortally wound the Phoenix Thunder Isawa.

Matsu the Samurai Paper

While Isawa, now dying, performed the ritual to bind Fu Leng, Matsu and Spouse: Un-named Akodo. Matsu and Stephen are perfect examples, in it that Matsu is the samurai who must watch over his wealthier master which happens to be Stephen, who indeed is wealthy.

Although Matsu is only a servant, Stephen shows great respect for him. The Samurai's Garden Character Descriptions Gail Tsukiyama This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.

Matsu and Stephen are perfect examples, in it that Matsu is the samurai who must watch over his wealthier master which happens to be Stephen, who indeed is wealthy. Although Matsu is only a servant, Stephen shows great respect for him.

Matsu is one of the main characters in this book and housed Stephen.

Tagawa Matsu

Matsu was Stephen's grandfather's house keeper, and is a very understanding, quiet man. Matsu taught Stephen many lessons about honor, the cruelties of humanity, and what it is to love someone.

Matsu the samurai
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