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College Composition and Communication, Vol. 38, No. 4, December 1987

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James Britton

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English passions K need to have that most centrally in mind. James Nimmo Britton (18 May – 29 February ) was an influential British educator at the Institute of Education, University of London, whose theory of language and learning helped guide research in school writing, while shaping the progressive teaching of language, writing, and literature in both England and the United States after the.

JAMES BRITTON AND THE PEDAGOGY OF ADV ANCED COMPOSITION Karen Peiz In his work for the British Schools Council Project, pub­ lished under the title The Development of Writing Abilities (J 1- 18),1 James Britton classified types of school writing along a spectrum from transactional to poetic.

James Britton, edited by Gordon M. Pradl, presents articles and speeches spanning to on Britton's theories of language and behavior, the basis of his Language and Learning () and of The Development of Writing Abilities, ().

Here the teacher can find clear discussions of Britton's key terms, such as the. This Research Digest is the first in a series of periodic digests to be by James Britton and col-leagues, The development of writing abilities (), three function categories in remains a landmark study that recognised connections be-tween the process of writing.

One author. Burke, Kenneth. The Philosophy of Literary Form.2 nd ed. Baton Rouge: Louisiana. State UP, Two or more books by the same author.

Writer's Workshop and the Development of Writers

Burke, Kenneth. A Grammar of Motives. The Spectator as Theorist: Britton and the Functions of Writing Author(s): Joseph Harris We can learn much about teaching writing from James Britton. Against the cries of countless textbooks for Clarity and Structure, he reminds phrasings of those views in the much fuller Development of writing abilities ( 5).1 The problem.

James britton the development of writing abilities
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