International writing across the curriculum conference 2016 biology

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Writing Across the Curriculum

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SOTL Conferences

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36th International Conference on Critical Thinking

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writing across the curriculum

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Ohio Campus Compact Conference, Ohio State University, Aug. “Transdisciplinarity as an Extension of WAC/WID.” Session: “Speaking and Writing Across Difference.” 13 th International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, University of Michigan, June International Writing across the Curriculum Conference.

Ann Arbor, MI (June ). “‘I left the writing behind’: Aphasia, ‘Good’ Writing, and Resisting Accommodation.” Last chance to register for the IWAC Conference!

Registration closes at midnight tonight. Don't miss this opportunity to participate in this valuable conference.5/5(6). Fellows Corner – Posts about Writing Across the Curriculum “Non-Stress Tests,” Assessment, and the Body; Writing as a Tool for Improving In-class Discussion; Making Writing Creative; The humanities paper in a STEM class: a misled and deleterious approach.

Tag: CUNY CUE Conference All of the Faculty Fellows presented at the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference and four of the Writing Fellows and IWS doctoral fellow, Lauren Williams, presented at the Northeast Writing Centers Association Conference.

International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center | June 4 – 6, Auburn University’s Office of University Writing is proud to announce the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference from June ,

International writing across the curriculum conference 2016 biology
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