Employablility and personal skills in the

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Employability and personal skills

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Employablility, and Personal Skills in the Recruitment and Retention of Staff in Thorpe Park

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Act cowardly and with maturity. ing skills, personal qualities Employability skills are those basic skills necessary for getting, keeping, and doing well on a job.

Employability skills are teachable skills. Highlights Activities both during and after school, including sports, enjoyed during youth help prepare for jobs. While most employability skills are soft skills, IT is a hard skill that is increasingly required in many jobs.

While jobs in the field of IT (such as computer programmers) require extensive IT knowledge, every job requires a little bit of experience with information technology.

Employers want job candidates who can use common programs like Microsoft Office, especially Word and Excel. The Employability Skills Employers are Looking For.

Employers are often looking for skills that go beyond qualifications and experience. While your education and experience may make you eligible to apply for a job, to be successful in the role you will need to exhibit a mix of skills: ‘employability skills’. Professional Skills.

The general employability skills above help you to get hired and to keep any job. In addition, anyone who wants to advance in their careers and people working in higher-level jobs should have the following professional skills.

Career Development. Learn new skills and take on different projects. Serve on work committees. Employability Skills Lesson Plans. The Professionalism module specifically has students discover the expected appearance and personal characteristics of an employee. They learn a number of personal traits belonging to successful employees, such as: honesty, good communication, time-management, goal setting, problem solving, and teamwork.

Unit 02 M2.

Employability and personal skills in the recruitment Essay Sample

Assess the importance of employability, and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in a selected organization.

The importance of employability skills and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in Thorpe Park The organisation that I .

Employablility and personal skills in the
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