Curriculum in the philippines

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Education in Philippines

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Education in the Philippines

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Education in the Philippines

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Recent DepEd Orders. November 13, DOs. – Prohibition of Electioneering and Partisan Political Activity; November 6, DOs. – Guidelines on the Grant of Anniversary Bonus. The mistreatment that students faced in schools was exacerbated by discriminatory policies and practices that excluded them from fully participating in the school environment.

Jointly funded by the Australian Government and Cheung Kong, represented in Australia by Powercor Australia. This unique and successful public/private partnership has involved the Government and Cheung Kong contributing matched funding to support undergraduate student exchange between Australia and selected Asian locations for over 10 years.

CONSULAR OUTREACH PROGRAM. The Embassy/Consulate General conducts regular consular outreach missions to bring its various consular services.

“Just Let Us Be”

YouthWorks PH is a five-year partnership between USAID and the Philippine Business for Education that engages and mobilizes the private sector to address the education needs of youth, as well as the skill requirements of employers.

Curriculum in the philippines
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K to 12 Curriculum in the Philippines and Its Benefits