Competition of organisms in the biological world

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Competition (biology)

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Biological interaction

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In the natural environment, competition between organisms plays an important role in ecology and evolution, and this could not be more important for organisms of the same species.


Known as intraspecific competition, organisms of the same species. In any biological community, there may be several things in short supply for the organisms.


We call these things resources, and the struggle to obtain them competition. On this page, we will examine the causes and effects of competition.

Competition & Adaptation

Biology Chapters STUDY. PLAY. ecology. Carbon gets moved through the world through photosynthesis and respiration.

Nitrogen gets moved through the world through nitrogen fixation, nitrification, and denitrification. One way organisms interact is through competition.

What do organisms compete for? The density of a population. While competition in the natural world is eminent, it doesn’t always happen in the same way. Interspecific competition is when different animals that live in the same geographic area (sympatric species) compete for the same set of resources, mostly food and space.

Indirect competition occurs when organisms use the same resource, but don. A biological system of interacting organisms and the physical All the living organisms living in an area eg forest All the members of ONE species living in an area. Competition occurs when organisms occupy the same or similar niches.

This can happen between different species -- interspecific competition -- or among members of the same species, which is intraspecific competition. or among members of the same species, which is intraspecific competition.

The natural world is full of examples of .

Competition of organisms in the biological world
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