Comparing the ballistics of the 30 60 and 270 rifles

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.270 vs. .30-06

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Ballistic coefficient

I did not agree with the single action hand guns. Semi autos are for ammo makers profit. With shots one aims and shoots, but with semi autos they spray the area. Comparing two tried-and-true big-game cartridges. The two most popular big-game cartridges among American hunters remain the and Neither are exactly new; the was introduced clear back inwhile the passed its centennial seven years ago (wow!).

Well the 30/06 loses velocity while shooting a heavier bullet with more energy. But if you put grain bullets in both of them they are about identical.

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The 30/06 is more versatile and capable. In ballistics, the ballistic coefficient (BC) of a body is a measure of its ability to overcome air resistance in flight. It is inversely proportional to the negative acceleration: a high number indicates a low negative acceleration—the drag on the projectile is small in proportion to its mass.

Jul 20,  · I was recently comparing IMR load data between the and win mag and noticed that, according to the hodgens reloading center, there is only about a fps difference between their perspective max loads for the grain match bullets.

Comparing the ballistics of the 30 60 and 270 rifles
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Rifle Ballistics Summary