An overview of the dialect of the people in communication

What are barriers to successful communication?

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Dialect can be a barrier to communication because words that people from different area speaks might pronounce in a different way or have a totally different meaning. When assessing the communication skills of young Aboriginal children, professionals such as speech-language therapists and teachers need to consider the child’s ability to code-shift between dialects for the relevance this holds for literacy development.

The Franco-Germanic dialect of Alsace (Alsatian) is spoken by % of people in France – that’sspeakers. It tends to be used by more of the older generation, due to the passing of Alsace and Lorraine between the powers of France and Germany until it.

Language profiling Making decisions about people based on the variety of language they speak. Language profiling is most prevalent in people in gatekeeping positions: that is, people in positions. Company Overview. Dialect, Inc.

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An overview of the dialect of the people in communication
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