An introduction to the history of european fascism in the 20th century

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Fascism in Europe

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“The Rise of Fascism in Europe in the Twentieth Century: Lessons for Today”

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Fascism in Europe

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Transnational Fascism in the Twentieth Century

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Rise of Fascism in Europe: Fascist Ideology and Movements in Europe

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Fascism is a political ideology that literally wreaked havoc across the globe in the first part of the 20th century.

In this lesson, you'll learn about what fascism is, its history and its influence. A short quiz follows.

20th century

Italy in the 20th century History of Italy from the World Wars until today. Although part of the Triple Alliance with Austria-Hungary and Germany, Italy initially stayed neutral in the World War I.

In conclusion, fascism represented a great ideology which, along with liberalism, communism, conservatism, socialism, and democracy, shaped the 20th century. The interest in fascism and its crime increased considerably in the 21st century. European Fascist Parties and the Rise of Fascism The fascist party in Britain played an important role in the s with the help of Oswald Mosely, but far more.

Fascism in Europe was composed of numerous ideologies present during the 20th century which all developed their own differences from each other.

Fascism was born in Italy, but subsequently several movements across Europe which took influence from the Italian faction emerged. Box 1 British military forces in the 20th century, p. 37 Box 2 A timeline for European history in the periodpp.

Box 3 A comparative approach to teaching about fascism, pp.

An introduction to the history of european fascism in the 20th century
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