An analysis of the topic of the discourse of globalization

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Religious essay topic discourse analysis

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Discourses of Globalization

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Globalization discourse has caused creation of elements and signs of global and local matters. Robertson is introducing globalization as a global-localization. Globalization always is created in local framework, while local framework itself is created as a special place by globalization discourse (Nash, ).

argue that it is a characteristic of new Labour discourse beyond the single topic of globalization. Keywords Britain, cognitive linguistics, conceptual metaphors, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, globalization, new Labour, political discourse, quantitative analysis. This article presents a qualitative and quantitative corpus study based on a collection of new Labour texts ( to ), as an analysis of the party’s discourse on globalization.

The Discourse of Globalization - Shifts in the discursive Representation of Economic Globalization in the United States - Two Examples - Christof Dieterle - Thesis (M.A.) - American Studies - Culture and Applied Geography - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essayPages: Globalization discourse has caused creation of elements and signs of global and local matters.

Robertson is introducing globalization as a global-localization. Globalization always is created in local framework, while local framework itself is created as a special place by globalization discourse (Nash, ). The discourse of globalization and the globalization of discourse Globalization has been described as an idea whose time has come (Held et al, ).

An analysis of the topic of the discourse of globalization
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