An analysis of the sea battle at trafalgar

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Talk:Battle of Trafalgar

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Battle of Trafalgar

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Battle of Trafalgar

Date of the Battle of Trafalgar: 21 st October Place of the Battle of Trafalgar: At Cape Trafalgar off the South-Western coast of Spain, south of Cadiz. Combatants at the Battle of Trafalgar: The British Royal Navy against the Fleets of France and Spain.

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Get started now! From the smallest roches moutonn es (only a few square metres in size an analysis of the sea battle at trafalgar and a metre high) to The state of the Royal Navy today The UK defence budget is still the 5th largest in the world and the Royal Navy remains in the front rank of the world UPDATED 7 May The Large Aircraft Carrier Midway Myth: is it.

An analysis of the sea battle at trafalgar
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