An analysis of the paths chosen by people and the road not taken story by harry turtledove

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A story does not expend itself; “it preserves and concentrates its strength and is capable of releasing it even after a long time” (p. 90). It thrives in a milieu of work. “Death is the sanction of everything that the storyteller can tell” (p.

94). "Technological advance is an inherently iterative process. One does not simply take sand from the beach and produce a Dataprobe. We use crude tools to fashion better tools, and then our better tools to fashion more precise tools, and so on.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost In Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken," (reprinted in Laurence Perrine and Thomas R. Arp, Sound and Senses, 8th ed.

[San Diego: Harcourt, ] 23) the speaker stands in the woods, considering a fork in the road.

In An analysis of the paths chosen by people and the road not taken story by harry turtledove
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