An analysis of the napoleon bonaparte crowned himself emperor of france

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Napoleon’s Reasons for Making Himself Emperor (December 1804)

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French Revolution, political upheaval of world importance in France that began in *Origins of the Revolution*Historians disagree in evaluating the factors that brought about the Revolution.

Napoleon Becomes Emperor Summary.

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On May 18,Napoleon proclaimed himself emperor, and made Josephine Empress. His coronation ceremony took place on December 2,in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, with incredible splendor and at considerable expense. The return of religion. On 18 May,after much political horse trading, the French Senate proclaimed Bonaparte Emperor Napoleon I.

They then sent a group of senators from central Paris to the consul's palace in the nearby countryside, Saint Cloud, to present the First Consul with the news of his elevation. The crowning of Napoleon took place at Notre-Dame in Paris on 2 Decemberand David was chosen to record four scenes, the best-known being Napoleon .

An analysis of the napoleon bonaparte crowned himself emperor of france
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