An analysis of the differences of the book and movie congo by michel crichton

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Cliff Notes for Michael Crichton's

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Michael Crichton’s Congo Summary & Analysis

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Like most of Michael Crichton's work "Congo" the movie does not reflect the book well. It is a story about a group of scientists (and a talking gorilla) with conflicting interests on.

Congo hasratings and 1, reviews. Eventually he an analysis of the differences of the book and movie congo by michel crichton is able to overlook their flaws and the differences in culture, The book was made into a movie.

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After startling discoveries, a new expedition is sent back into the Congo--its mission, to descend into the secret world where the only way. Entertainer-educator Crichton, that clever devil, has done it again--by dressing up one of the oldest book/movie scenarios around with enough capsulized science, history, and geography to keep readers happily on their toes.

A typical Crichton reader should know what to expect here: We, the reader, are the idiot; while the character's teach us endlessly. Once everything is explained, the action starts.

Just like the characters, the action is also unexciting, and does not help in. Jurassic Park is a American science fiction adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton.

Here are the differences between the two: The book includes several scenes with the Procompsognathus dinosaur.

An analysis of the differences of the book and movie congo by michel crichton
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Detailed Review Summary of Congo by Michael Crichton