An analysis of god as an almighty parental figure in the bible

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The Almighty God

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-Luke 4 The Bible tells us! For thus says the LORD, The creator of the heavens, who is God, The designer and maker of A way to understand God. A parental figure. Jesus called him Father. I believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible.

The Bible indicates that God initiates the great tribulation, God controls the 14 steps of the Great Tribulation, and God terminates the Great Tribulation. God is Sovereign and He has several marvelous objectives that He will achieve during the Great Tribulation.

In fact, thanks to meeting a couple of quite devout Christians earlier in the year who encouraged me to go to church more regularly, I really heard this message at a time when I was struggling to get through life on my own; God is a loving, benevolent, parental figure from whom you can ask blessings and help.

GOD Almighty Changing His Mind (abrogation) in the Bible: The sections of this article are: This article thoroughly demonstrates and proves how GOD Almighty in the Bible's Old Testament abrogated His Promises and Commands many times.

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For more verses and analysis, please visit: Was Jesus Christ, even according to him. Jul 20,  · Note that there was an historical Saint Nicholas and then later came tales of a magical Saint Nick also known as Santa Claus.

Struggling with Life’s Injustices

Interesting how often the trajectory of historical figures leads to grander stories being told about them. God is Almighty That God is the Almighty is a concept easier to grasp than the attribute. In Yoruba world view the concept of God as the Almighty is explained in concrete terms which make people to .

An analysis of god as an almighty parental figure in the bible
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