A report on the life of the french painter claude monet

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Claude Monet Quotes

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The real inspiration for Monet’s famous... - Fondation Claude Monet

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Who Was Claude Monet?

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But dirt or chocolate, they are still confections. May 09,  · Watch video · Report Delivery Issues Gallery assistants pose with the painting 'Nympheas en fleur' by French artist Claude Monet during a photocall at Christie's auction house in London, Britain, Feb.

When you go out to paint, try to forget what objects you have before you - a tree, house, a video-accident.com think, here is a little square of blue, here an oblong of pink, here a streak of yellow, and paint it just as it looks to you, the exact color and shape, until it gives your own naive impression of the scene before you.

Claude Monet is probably one of the better known French Impressionists.

Heavily damaged missing Monet returns home to Japan

Others includeFrederic Bazille, Eugene Boudin, Mary Cassat, Edgar Degas, Eva Gonzales, Auguste Renoir, Bethe Morisot. Claude Monet Claude Monet was born on November 14, in Paris.


Inhis family moved to Le Havre in Normandy. Inhis family moved to Le Havre in Normandy. His father wanted him to go into the family grocery store business, but Monet wanted to become an artist.

Claude Monet's Biography

Monet struggled with depression, poverty and illness throughout his life. He died in Claude Monet was a famous French painter whose work gave a name to the art movement Impressionism, which was concerned with capturing light and natural forms.

"Monet, just an eye, but what an eye!” Cézanne used to say. But it was a sick eye, which almost made the painter blind, at the time when he was working on the Nymphéas or Water Lilies series, the legendary masterpiece of Impressionism which he donated to France in to celebrate the French victory at the end of the First World War.

A report on the life of the french painter claude monet
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Claude Monet was a famous French painter whose work gave a n by Saee Shinde on Prezi