A look at the evidentary tests conducted at criminal trials

Criminal Cases

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The Difference Between a Preliminary Hearing and a Trial

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The following are a description of select procedures that can be utilized to investigate, evaluate and test physical evidence for use in criminal cases.

Scene of Crime. Much of the physical evidence that is ultimately utilized in court is taken from the scene of the crime.

While this information can be invaluable in ascertaining the truth in a. In more than 25% of cases in a National Institute of Justice study, suspects were excluded once DNA testing was conducted during the criminal investigation (the study, conducted inincluded 10, cases where testing was performed by FBI labs).

(b) The motion should specify the nature of any test to be conducted, the name and qualifications of the expert designated to conduct the test, the place of testing, and the evidence upon which the test will be conducted.

During criminal trials, evidence rules restrict both the content of evidence presented and the manner that evidence can be presented during a trial. Evidence rules not only ensure the smooth running of a criminal trial, but also, protect a defendant’s right to a fair trial.

The Canadian Supreme Court has expressly adopted the Daubert standard in two cases. R. v. Mohan,; R. v. J.L.-J., []. In J.L.-J., the Court took a look at the development of U.S. law in this regard, noted the U.S. Supreme Court's rejection of the Frye standard and its replacement with the Daubert Standard.

A look at the evidentary tests conducted at criminal trials
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