A look at the character of women included in the odyssey by homer

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The Odyssey

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The Odyssey Characters

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The cultural role of women in the Odyssey In Homer’s Odyssey the cultural relevance of a preferred woman’s role in society generally stands out in the roles of the female characters of Athena and Penelope simultaneously rejecting the negatively viewed characteristics of Calypso and Circe.

Homer uses these characters to depict the several ways in which women were viewed by society. The first type of woman, the bad, disrespectful woman is portrayed through two characters. Clytemnestra is the unfaithful wife of Agamemnon, and Melantho, is the disloyal maidservant of Penelope.

Homer frequently refers to him, comparing Penelope favorably to Agamemnon's wife, Clytemnestra.

Penelope of the Odyssey Essay

Odysseus sees him in the Land of the Dead. Tiresias The blind seer of Thebes, he meets Odysseus in the Land of the Dead, warns him of impending dangers, offers advice, and foretells a. Women have their unique history and when looking back and learning of the histories behind people, including the background on women, the first place historians look are written works.

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Greek society is no different since much is known about it through Greek literature.

A look at the character of women included in the odyssey by homer
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