A discussion on the compromises of political ideals in favor of political expediency

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Mill's Moral and Political Philosophy

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Jean Chrétien

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For midshipmen, ‘teachable moments’ hiking Stonewall Jackson’s Shenandoah trail

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Abraham Lincoln and The Radicals. Featured Book. Herman Belz, Reconstruction the Union: Theory and Policy during the Civil War (Ithaca: Cornell University Press,) As a group, the Republican Radicals in Congress lacked the sense of a humor that Abraham Lincoln had in abundance.

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Political Compromise Threatens American Ideals

I'm on record saying that the collection of impulses, deceptions, assertions, retractions, revisions and compromises that constitute Trump's foreign policy record are difficult to gather into a consistent doctrine.

Screwtape Legacy by Sandy Simpson This DVD is a message based on this article. The book by C.S. Lewis called "Screwtape Letters" was a clever idea in exposing a number of tactics of the enemy. After all, compromise is in and of itself perhaps the most fundamental of the founding American principles.

Abraham Lincoln and Alexander H. Stephens

One can take heart that there is evidence Americans have not forgotten that. But, what is discouraging is that no one seems to want to pursue it. It will take massive, collective political courage at the legislative level to change that.

A discussion on the compromises of political ideals in favor of political expediency
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Political Compromise Threatens American Ideals - California Political Review