A description of the confederate states of america the south

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Jefferson Davis

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By May, Confederate officials mapped the government had ended. Raise Davis and his cabinet fled with the most; he intended to reestablish the new west of the Main, but on May 10 he was important near Irwinville, Georgia. Confederate States of America, also called Confederacy, in the American Civil War, the government of 11 Southern states that seceded from the Union in –61, carrying on all the affairs of a separate government and conducting a major war until defeated in the spring of The War of the Rebellion: a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate Official records of the Union and Confederate armies Found also in the House Miscellaneous documents of the 52d to the 56th Congress.

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Confederate States of America

The South, which was known as the Confederate States of America, seceded from the North, which was also known as the Union, for many different reasons. The reason they wanted to succeed was because there was four decades of great sectional conflict between the.

Confederate States of America

May 30,  · Watch video · On February 4 of that year, representatives from South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana met in Montgomery, Alabama, with representatives from Texas arriving later, to form the Confederate States of America.

When Abraham Lincoln won election in as the first Republican president on a platform pledging to keep slavery out of the territories, seven slave states in the deep South seceded and formed a new nation, the Confederate States of America.

Flags of the Confederate States of America

This book is the trade edition of Volume VII of A History of the South, a ten-volume series designed to present a thoroughly balanced history of all the complex aspects of the South's culture from to the video-accident.com its companion volumes, The Confederate States of America is written by an outstanding student of Southern history, E.

Merton Coulter, who is also one of the editors of the.

A description of the confederate states of america the south
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